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We offer distance learning courses and training videos on troubleshooting and servicing major appliances, and an audio training program on customer service, communication, and sales skills for technicians.

You'll also find links to other industry sources for more information about available hands-on appliance service training, professional trade associations and technician websites, and appliance parts suppliers.

If you are considering a career in the appliance repair industry, whether you're planning on being employed by a large or small service company, or if you're desire is to be in business for yourself, your questions about how the appliance service industry works and what you need to know in order to succeed are answered here.

As it is with any skilled craft, competent appliance technicians who can effectively troubleshoot and repair refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and clothes dryers, gas and electric ranges, and microwave ovens, are always in demand because consumers and businesses will always need service on their appliances. As far as what you can expect to earn as an appliance repair technician, that depends on your location and the level of your work experience. For information on the average salaries in the appliance service industry, click HERE.

Our philosophy is simple. We take a realistic approach to helping you learn about the technical side of appliance repair business with our Major Appliance Technology Correspondence Course and the training videos we offer, and we also provide you with information on where you can learn more about the specifics of troubleshooting and servicing an appliance; an important part of what you need to know in order to work on different makes and models of equipment. We also offer information on soft skills training resources because an important part of being an appliance service technician is working with people and communicating effectively with them.

If you have questions and need to get in touch with us, you can send us an email, or call our office at 520-625-6847.


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