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The Appliance Business Success Program - $170.00

As a quality appliance service company, you invest time and money to be technically able, and to provide the best possible service to your customers. That simply means that you have a CODB (Cost Of Doing Business) that has to be covered in your pricing in order to make an honest profit.

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The Appliance Service Business Success Program is designed to help you accomplish that objective, and your total investment in the program is $170.00. Shipping & handling is included in the price, and you don't need to purchase any additional software to use the program or work with accompanying files.

Program Components of The Appliance Service National Flat Rate Labor Guide

It is a simplified labor guide in Excel spreadsheet format that allows you to plug in your rate and print your own 26-page custom flat rate guide.

And, 26 pages are all you need to simplify the flat rate pricing conundrum because the format and structure of the program.

It provides information on almost every appliance repair situation you’ll encounter in the field and in the shop because the repair classifications address both newer and older appliances, including:

  • Refrigerators, Freezers and Room A/C’s (Electrical & Sealed System Repairs)
  • Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines
  • Gas & Electric Clothes Dryers
  • Gas & Electric Ranges, Cooktops, Built-in Wall Ovens
  • Microwave Ovens, Convection Ovens & Range Hoods
  • Disposers and Dishwashers
  • High-End Appliances (Refrigeration, Dishwashers, Cooking & Ventilation)
  • Patio Heaters

With your either a hard copy printed and placed into a standard 3-ring display binder with document protectors, or with the files downloaded to your tablet or laptop, you’ll have your pricing information at your fingertips on each job.

You’ll also create another component of your business that is a key to your success; presenting your repair pricing to your customer in an easy-to-follow format.

Making sure that your customer understands the value they are getting for their money spent is a key to your success in employing flat rate pricing in your appliance service business, and that’s why this program includes two more components:

Service Management Excellence

A 6-segment, 140-page E-Book focused on leadership, supervisory skills, how to manage your business and employees, and implement a culture of customer service into your company. With segments on hiring effectively, coaching and mentoring a service team, conducting effective meetings and in-house training sessions, and a segment on creating and implementing a mission statement into your business, it’s a key component of The Appliance Service Business Success Program.

PEAK Performance For The Technical Professional

A 12-segment, 79-page E-Book designed to assist technicians in their soft skills development with information on customer service, communication skills, and yes, even a down-to-earth, common-sense approach to sales skills. Supervising and managing effectively is the foundation for creating a culture of customer service in your business, and making sure the technical professionals in your organization, when they are in the field ‘where the rubber meets the road’, have the skills they need to explain the repair they are accomplishing to your customer is where it all comes together for your business. (Note: "PEAK Performance For The Technical Professional" is also available as an audio book.


What’s the price?

....Your total investment is $170.00

....Shipping and handling is included in the price.

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What can The Appliance Service National Flat Rate Labor Guide do for my business, for me, and for my customer?

The Appliance Service National Flat Rate Labor Guide provides a standardized guide of charges for the appliance repair services you provide. It’s a system that works not only for you, but also for your customer.

  • The fee for a repair is the same no matter what the experience level of the technician performing the service.
  • It allows for unique situations that may come up during the course of a repair.

Who designed this, and who are they to say how long it should take to do a certain repair on an appliance so the price comes out right?

  • The Appliance Service National Flat Rate Labor Guide was designed and structured by people with decades of experience in the major appliance service industry, and they still own and participate on a daily basis in the hands-on management and operation of a successful appliance service repair company.

Can I see a sample of what my flat rate labor guide will look line once I print out a copy?

Click Here To See Sample Pages of the Program

Is it true that technicians often resist switching from a time and materials system to a flat rate pricing system?

  • Yes, because in almost every case, the change to a flat rate pricing system means that your service company will be charging more for the services you provide. Technicians are often uncomfortable with higher prices for services that, seemingly, are already expensive, however, technicians often undervalue what they do because they only consider the time it takes them to accomplish a given repair. What they often fail to consider is the amount of time and expense invested in being able to make that repair in a timely manner. For example, we don’t pay a lawyer for what they do in regard to handling a legal situation for us, we pay them for what they know about handling it.
  • Technicians working on a commission system experience a higher level of earnings under The Appliance National Flat Rate Labor Guide.
  • Service companies operating under The Appliance Service National Flat Rate Labor Guide can do more than just pay the bills every month and “get by.” The increased revenue can allow financial planning for capital expenditures, employee benefits or other expenses that go along with growing your business.

Buy It Now.... Get Paid for What You Are Worth!

....Your total investment is $170.00

....Shipping and handling is included in the price.

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Do I need additional software to print my price guide or e-books?

….You won't need to purchase any software. You can use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel (two components of Microsoft Office) if you wish, or you can download the open source software you need for free. For information on the free software, click HERE. You can print as many complete copies of The Appliance Service National Flat Rate Labor Guide you want, or you can print only the pages you need, and you can update to new pricing whenever necessary.

How is The Appliance Service National Flat Rate Labor Guide structured?

  • A wide variety of major appliance repairs are categorized by their technical service description, allowing it to work for you no matter what makes and models of refrigerators, freezers and room air conditioners (including sealed systems), washing machines and clothes dryers, gas and electric ranges, dishwashers, compactors and disposals, microwave ovens, convection ovens, patio heaters, and high end appliances you service.
  • The most common everyday repairs are listed, along with brands and models that need to be separated for repair classifications when a repair is unique.
  • Each repair classification has a Service Code, Service Description, and a Charge Code.
  • The final price that you get from the guide includes your diagnostic and all labor charges. The guide was structured be a labor only guide to comply with many government requirements that include giving the customer a detailed invoice with parts, tax, and labor listed separately. The other reason for the separation is that parts prices change a lot and they never go down. We want to make sure you are getting the full profit you are entitled to for the job.

Does this flat rate guide have a one-price system that has to apply to all service companies, no matter what their size or location?

....No it doesn't. The Appliance Service National Flat Rate Labor Guide allows you to plug your service rates and charges into the system whether your service company is located in a major urban area, a mid-sized city, or in a rural or small town environment.

….A trip and diagnostic fee is listed separately.

….Entering what you charge for every 10 minutes allows the program to compute your charge per hour, then apply that rate to each listing throughout The Appliance Service National Flat Rate Labor Guide.

….Multiple zone listings allow you to calculate for charges in a variety of travel areas.

If you’ve decided it’s time to take your appliance service business to a new level of customer care and profitability, or if you're looking for a method and a plan to keep your organization operating at the high standards you've worked hard to achieve, The Appliance Service Business Success Program contains everything you need to get you started on the path to prosperity and less stress in managing your company, or help you navigate along that road on a daily basis.

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