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PEAK Performance Audio Book 3CDs

Jim Johnson’s “PEAK Performance For The Technical Professional” is an audio program that helps technicians:

  • Sharpen Sales Skills
  • Provide The Best In Customer Service
  • Increase Earnings

PEAK Performance For The Technical Professional - Audio

Price: $80.00

This audio Training program is designed specifically for

technicians who also provide front-line customer service.

Price: $80.00


Table of Contents...3 CD SET

Track One: Fundamentals Of Professionalism: What a professional really is, and why it’s important to understand that sometimes the largest part of learning isn’t just getting new information. Success is what’s supposed to happen for the technical professional. Being a professional, being respected as a professional and getting paid as a professional.

Track Two: Maintaining A Professional Approach: Putting the knowledge of what a professional really is together with a simple understanding of why people sometimes act the way they do to maintain a professional profile. Taking a professional approach always comes back as a benefit to the technical professional.

Track Three: Real Tools For Success: Why implementing a simple, two-part Personal Policy works for technical professionals provides an opportunity for increased earnings, and benefits everybody. What the difference is between professionalism and scorekeeping. and understanding how professionalism and selling go together. Swallowing the big frog and understanding the “typical salesperson.”

Track Four: The Truth, The Whole Truth…..: The list of six things people know about professionals, comparing those with the “typical salesperson, and why the simple process of deductive reasoning can skew the truth about anything, even visiting a Waffle House restaurant.

Track Five: Beliefs and Values: Another reason why we decide something is “the truth” and why a little thoughtful turbulence is a good thing. Going all the way back to Biblical Times to understand why the media depicts salespeople in a negative light and why technical professionals don’t have to take the Wizard of Oz approach to dealing with customers.

Track Six: Homeostasis Is A Five-syllable Word: Being a professional in pursuit of excellence and how understanding psychological homeostasis can help you achieve that goal, provide outstanding customer service, and earn more money.

Track Seven: Going Around In Circles Can Be A Good Thing: How starting out with the correct belief affects everything we do. Comparing an “I Can” belief with an “I Can’t belief, Babe Ruth and the little boy in the deep end of the pool.

Track Eight: The Harvest Poem, Optimism and Realism: Sow a thought and reap a destiny. Examining what people say, how they say it, and why it affects their work and their life. It doesn’t matter whether the glass is half empty or half full.

Track Nine: What Customers Want From You and Your Business: There are things that are more important than price to a customer. Understanding the difference between a customer and a shopper and deciding which one you want in your business, what motivates anybody to buy anything, and applying three simple laws of action to achieve success.

Track Ten: Communication Skills 100: “You Cannot Not Communicate”: How understanding the simple science of Neuro Linguistic Programming makes customer service simple for the technical professional. Matching up with your customer vs. mismatching and using your knowledge to establish rapport.

Track Eleven: Communication Skills 200: “The Next Level”: What MetaPrograms are and how understanding them takes a technical professional to the next level of customer service and achieving success. Why it’s O.K. to do well while you’re doing good.

Track Twelve: Scotomas, RAS, and Eight Universal Laws of Success: How eliminating blind spots can be a key to mastering customer service skills, increasing earnings, and achieving success. Maintaining a balance in your life and your work, and remembering Albert Einstein.

Jim Johnson is nationally recognized as a writer, instructor and workshop leader, and he has vast experience working with people he likes to refer to as technical professionals. Jim worked as a technician, taught full-time as a trade school instructor, served as Director of Education at a private technical school, and as a community college administrator, before turning his attention full-time to presenting workshops for technicians in a variety of trades and crafts. He has authored four textbooks, twelve handbooks, more than five-hundred magazine articles, and over 75 training video programs for technicians.

Jim takes a straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is approach and doesn’t pull any punches as he presents ideas on sales skills for technicians, communication skills, and how technicians can learn, grow and develop as professionals in their chosen field. You’ll want to listen to this program more than once.


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