Home Appliance Refrigeration Technician

(HART) Correspondence Course

A Three-Module Training Course

Price: $235.00

(CD Format)


Module One: Electrical Fundamentals

Module Two: Refrigeration Fundamentals

Module Three: Refrigerators, Freezers and Room A/C's

HART Course - Total Course

Price: $235.00
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For A Detailed Description Of The Training Modules, Click Here

To See A Sample Of The Manual From Module One, Click Here

To See A Sample Of The Manual From Module Two, Click Here

To See A Sample Of The Manual From Module Three, Click Here

About the Course

  • When you enroll in this training program, you receive all three modules in one shipment.
  • Each module is a two-CD set. On one CD you'll find your study manual. The second CD contains your module exam, and additional reference material.
  • All files on the CD's are read and studied on your computer, or you may choose to print a hard copy.
  • When returning your exams for evaluation, you may choose to send them as an attachment to an email, or you can print a hard copy and send it via regular mail. You can return exams when you complete an individual module. 
  • Any software necessary to view the manuals, your exam, or additional reference material is available via a free download, so there is no additional expense in order to study the manuals or take your exams.
  • Your total investment in this course, shipped within the United States, is $235.00.
  • If your shipment is sent outside the U.S., additional shipping fees apply according to the listings below. All orders are shipped via US Mail via First Class or Priority Mail.
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